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Are Wireless Earbuds the Future?

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like Apple came out with their wireless earphones, the market exploded with all kinds of these wireless/bluetooth earbuds. Some are even quiet robust, having microphones and controls. I was ultimately looking for something under $75 so I looked around for some sort of holiday buying guide since they might categorize it by price. I found a suitable site to check earbuds review but it was a guide for $50 dollars or less – good enough.

After going through most of the pages, I was almost at information overload, but I narrowed it down to the Phaiser 730 bluetooth earbuds. The price was right and I was really digging the fact that the 2 earbuds are actually connected to each other.

They are my every-days, and they are sweat proof so they even go to the gym with me. They feel and sound like they should cost so much more than just $45. I’m thinking of even buying some more just in case they go out of stock or they raise the price.