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Encountering Unexpected DNS Errors With Google Chrome

So two days ago I was trying to make an update to the website with some more news, but every time I tried to access the hosting provider I would get a Dns_Probe_Finished_NxDomain error in my Google Chrome browser. I thought for sure it was just a problem with our internet network at home so I gave the router a restart and waited to see if that did the trick. When I was booted back up and tried to get to the hosting provider, it still didn’t work, but the weird part is that I could still access other sites. From there I had to look up what the problem was because it was for sure on my side.

Upon doing research, it was mentioned that this is usually an error with just Google Chrome, and it was true because I fired up Windows Edge and tried, everything was working fine. From there I followed the instructions from the site linked above about flushing my DNS settings and restarted again. Looking back, could have just used Windows Edge to get started on the website update, but Google Chrome just seems so much better so I wanted to make sure it was working properly.

Anyway, this was just a quick update to let everyone know why there hasn’t been any news in a couple days.