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For almost two decades now, the legendary punk rock band FEAR, helmed by the beer and wit-fueled and always vociferous Mr. Lee Ving has remained more an institution within the infrastructure we know as punk than merely a band. Alongside great contemporaries like Blag Flag, The Circle Jerks and The Angry Samoans, FEAR defined a sound which echoed the anger and frustration and fuel that anger with the greatest sedative to man, MORE BEER!

One would think that with so many songs centered around alcohol consumption ("More Beer", "Beer Fight", "I Believe I'll Have Another Beer", "Have A Beer With FEAR" being only a few choice titles) the music these guys make may be sloppy and incoherent. Quite the contrary, Lee Ving and friends take the most intricate styles of jazz fusion and mesh together with distortion laden anthems and Lee's often opera quality vocal stylings to create a musical stew that hits the chest like a five alarm chili on a Montana morning.

FEAR'S appearance on Saturday Night Live is such stuff as legends are made of and Mr. Ving has appeared in numerous movies throughout the years often playing the type of role his stage presence would predict, be it a sleazy strip club owner in "Flashdance", a sleazy biker in "Dudes" and "Masters of Menace" or even a dead guy named "Mr. Body" in the classic Tim Curry movie "Clue". Other movies he has co-stared or appeared in include "Streets of Fire", "Black Moon Rising", "Nightmares", "Decline of Western Civilization", "The Taking of Beverly Hills". He has appeared in many television shows as well including "Who's The Boss", "Crime Story", "Three's A Crowd", "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", "Fame", "Oceans of Fire", "Legmen", and "Streethawk".

"Fear/The Record"(Slash/Warner Bros.)
"Fear/More Beer"(Restless Records)
"Fear/Live For The Record"(Restless Records)
"Have Another Beer With Fear"   (Sector Two Records)

fear "The place went nuts for the band, the slampit was cranking like a giant meat grinder and we all had a wonderful time. Fuck it (Fear) puts on a helluva live show.." -Flipside Magazine

"Buy a copy of "Have Another Beer With Fear" and play it loud!!!" -Rolling Stone