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Free, Printable Pokemon Paper Crafts

Pokemon is owned by Nintendo video game company. Satoshi Tajiri created the Pokemon in 1995. They where released as role playing characters for Game Boy games. One of the most recent and popular games, Pokemon Crystal, has a user-base that is growing by the day. Players typically play the game from their hand-held Nintendo device, but recent there has been a surge in the usage of Pokemon Crystal ROMs — basically a way to play the game from the comfort of your computer.

Although this is why and how the Pokemon characters were created, they have blossomed into trading cards, cartoons, comic books, and other merchandise since their inception. It doesn’t matter how you were introduced to these lovable Japanese characters, these free, printable Pokemon paper craft models will be a great addition to your collection.

Paperpokes – The Unofficial Pokemon Papercrafts

I am not sure how many pokemon paper craft models that is listed on this blog. There are more pokemon characters to make when you click on older posts.

To download the pokemon characters, you choose the A4 or Letter download. Either of these will download the character to your computer. You will need to locate where the character was downloaded to. When you open the folder for the pokemon character, you will see four files. You will want to click on the PDF file that has the pieces for your character. There is a file for the instructions that is saved as PDO. So the instructions may be unreadable.

Printable Pokemon Paper Craft Characters

The two character Japanese link on the left is the download for the Pokemon character pieces. Click that link and it will open the character into a new page where you can print the character from there. The left link is the instructions for each of the characters. The text is in Japanese, but there are photos to help with assembly.

TP Roll Pokemon Crafts

These Pokemon characters are made with toilet paper rolls. While they aren’t made in the same manner as the ones above, they are made with the use of paper crafts.

On the main page of the Pokemon TP roll crafts, you will see a complete list of characters they have on hand. Click on the link to get to the instructions and template for the characters. You can choose a color or black and white template from this page.

The templates will open in a new page. Once the page opens, click the print button above the character. The black and white characters can be colored compared to the colored template that has the pieces filled in with their chosen colors.
You will need a toilet paper roll for the body of the Pokemon characters. I suppose if you use card or heavy stock paper, you won’t have to save the toilet paper rolls.