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From the rolling hills of Central Texas, home of deadly animals and satisfied women, emerges HONKY; a band with a unique blend of Texas Boogie, Southern Rock and Ass-Shaking Grooves.

Honky has been putting the "Gentlemen" in "Gentlemen's Clubs" since 1996. Lance Farley, J.D. Pinkus (former Butthole Surfer) and Carson Vester first got together to discuss bourbon. This resulted in a 1997 release, "Ten Inches of Honky", on Man's Ruin, and a 1998 release of the self-titled full length L.P. on Honest Abe's Records. These releases led to touring and after hooking up with Los Angeles heavy weight Kevin Oberlin of A.B.A. Booking fame, no region of the country was left unmolested.

Honky finally met a worthy opponent in Chicago, during a tour supporting L7. It seems a misinterpreted lyric sparked an unusual confrontation. This show, with interim guitar player Gable Barber, was documented on tape and made available at shows and the Honky website only. This album, known as "Attacked by Lesbians in a Chicago Bowling Alley", will be available in stores soon.

honky : house of good tires Honky survived the incident determined more than ever to find Gable's murderer. With a new L.P. in the can, "House of Good Tires" featuring Lance Farley, J.D. Pinkus and Bobby 'Ed' Landgraf, Honky will be molesting your town by this spring. Expect to see this release in stores March 5th, courtesy of Hall of Records (a division of Warner Sisters).

Just ask Chicago... HONKY FEARS NO ONE!!!