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My Must Have Christmas Gift This Year

First off, this must have Christmas gift this year is not really a must have, but more of a “really dream about” gift. I have always wanted a multiple monitor display system for my work on the computer. It seems like I always end up going back and forth from tow, sometimes three pages most of the time I’m on the computer. Now I’m no technology wizard, not by a long shot. But, I know that it is possible to rig up more than one monitor at a time, and that you can move your cursor back and forth from the different displays at will.
So my dream Christmas gift this year would be a triple display monitor system. Oh, the fun I could have with that setup. I can see it now, my new Christmas gift allowing me to have my Word document open on one screen, the research/reference page open on screen #2, and my third screen open to the sports page, news page, or maybe even one of those pesky social network sites. What a year long appreciation of that Christmas gift that would provide!

Yes, this gift would enable me to, hopefully, be more productive in my attempts at writing. Can you picture it? There I am, composing my work on one screen, while being free to search my .jpg files for that perfect picture to illustrate the article under construction on another screen. Third screen is now free to allow me follow a sports event, or track a SNS, or even work on our webpage.

The Christmas Gift I really, really want is a Dell triple stand multi-screen array with three (count ’em) 22″ ultrawide monitors. Wow. Yep, I found one listed online. By the way, I’m going back and forth even now so I can accurately describe the Christmas gift I’m dreaming to find under the Christmas tree this year. If I only had the three (count ’em) screens right now.

Sorry, I’m dreaming again. Anyway, this set up comes with a stand that allows you to tilt the screens separately, which would be a big bonus for my tired old eyes. These monitors have 1680 X 1050 pixel resolution for, as they say, “sharp graphics”. They also boast 300 cd/m² brightness and 800:1 contrast ratio, whatever that means.

Well, you get my drift. I will continue to dream about this year’s perfect Christmas gift for me, must have or not.